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The Anteater

Hi, I am Tom, a student from Australia. I am doing a research about the Brazilian animals. I am writing this letter to tell you what I have learned about the animals of your country. The anteater was the first animal I have studied.

What is an anteater? It is a beautiful and interesting animal. Probably you have already heard its Brazilian name: tamanduá.

The anteaters eat small insects, specially ants and termites. They have small eyes, small ears and no teeth but a long tongue that they use to capture the insects. They also have powerful curved claws, which are used to open the ants and termites’ nests (called formigueiros and cupinzeiros).

There are two kinds of anteaters in Cerrado: the first one is the Giant Anteater, or tamanduá-bandeira, which is the largest one. It can weigh more than 30 kilograms! The other one is the Collared Anteater, or tamanduá-mirim. The name “collared” is because it seems that this animal is wearing a black vest. The Brazilian name mirim explains that this animal is smaller than the Giant Anteater. The collared anteater weighs less than 10 kilos and likes to climb trees.

It is difficult to see these animals, even at the zoo, because they prefer walking at night and sleeping during the day. Both of them live in the forest, specially in regions of cerrado vegetation. Nowadays, we can find these animals only in a few places. I am worried because a lot of animals are dying by many ways. Some are killed by cars in the highways, and other during fires and native vegetation devastation. Sometimes, people capture these animals, but they can’t survive far from nature.

Now I am looking for some information about other Brazilian animals such as lobo-guará, anta, capivara, ema, seriema and arara. Please, write to me if you have some information about them. I’m looking forward your letter.



1) How does the anteater look like?
2) Which are the differences between the Giant and the Collared Anteater?
3) Why is Tom worried about the anteaters?
4) Write a letter to Tom giving him more information about another Brazilian animal.


termites: cupins
tongue: língua
to capture: capturar
claws: garras
nests: ninhos
vest: colete